Grandmaster Terrell Manasco

Grandmaster Brian Gray


I have had the great pleasure and honor of knowing Grandmaster Terrell Manasco for many years. Uniquely humble, honest and forthright, he was respected by everyone who came in contact with him. Grandmaster Manasco will forever be a legend in the world of the Chinese Iron Palm Skills, because he perfected a unique break, one that I had never seen before, and doubtless few will ever see again, now that he has left us. But one of my fondest memories of Grandmaster Terrell Manasco had nothing to do with his martial arts skills, but rather, was an insight into his humble and adventurous spirit. While we were in Pennsylvania, he asked me if I could arrange for him to ride in an Amish buggy, and he especially wanted it to be a genuine Amish buggy with real Amish people driving it. I will never forget the smile on his face when he saw that buggy in the barn of my Amish friends, nor will I ever forget him lumbering up into the back of that buggy for the adventure of a lifetime, the ride down an old country road in the heart of the famed Lancaster countryside. My Amish friends were so taken with him, that they invited him into their home to sit and enjoy their company...and Terrell was right at home. No one who ever met Terrell left unchanged for the experience, and the world of the Chinese Iron Palm Skills has lost a great star. He had a big heart, and he gave so much, freely, that finally, there was nothing left to give, and the Good Lord took him home. We will always remember him.

Grandmaster Damian Fedorko

My Brothers - I first met Terrell at the Fifth Iron Palm conference in Dallas, TX at a hotel just outside the airport. We met and hit it off. Terrell often said that we met before in another life. From that time on, we met every year at the IPIO conferences and our friendship grew stronger. Later, I would call him, the “Bull” and he would call me the “Pony”. At the IPIO conference in Culver City, CA, he put the Violet Flame on me. Scared me half to death - but from that occurrence I could call up my internal energy in a split second. Many things happened to us playing with the Iron Palm. We would visit each other time and again. He would come to St. Simons and I would travel to Lake Jackson. We would eat, sleep, train and drink. His favorite saying was, "C'mon Pony, let's drink a few beers and break shit." He was a good man, a WISE man and a man of few words. We didn’t realize that his last visit to our house and our visit to Greensboro, North Carolina would be his last - but my memories of that visit will be well remembered because we did what we wanted to do - to introduce the Art of Iron Palm to the younger generation who is absorbing it so enthusiastically. That filled his heart and we discussed it in October at his last Iron Palm Conference in Las Vegas . He will be forever remembered!!! And I will miss my friend terribly!!! 

Win Cheung

I will regret not getting to know him on a personal level.  My deep condolences to his family. We lost a great martial artist.  I can only pray he is in a better place. 

Wolfgang Kruger

You will be missed Brother.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family.  Sorry for your loss. 

John Nasir

My condolences to Grandmaster Manasco's family and friends.  May he rest in peace.